Hammonton Police Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Hammonton Police Department is honoring  Breast Cancer Awareness this month by having officers wear pink-colored badges. Department records and dispatch members will wear pink or black shirts emblazoned with the HPD emblem in a contrasting color. All members participating will donate funds that will be presented to the Hammonton Cancer Foundation at the end of October.

“We protect the community by enforcing and educating about laws, said Chief Kevin Friel. “but we also protect our community’s health and wellbeing by providing awareness of the different types of cancers. And, as part of this current effort, each week a different form of cancer is explained on the department’s Facebook site.”

“The Hammonton Cancer Foundation is proud of our relationship with the Hammonton Police Department,” said David Mauriello, the foundation’s president. “In these difficult times, we are fortunate to get support from groups like this so we can continue to meet our goal of  ‘Helping Our Neighbors.’”