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Central Jersey Equipment Holds Tractor Raffle

Domenick Amendolia, a local Hammonton landscaper, and his son, Ethan, sit on the $12,500, 1023E John Deere tractor he won in a raffle sponsored by Central Jersey Equipment to benefit the Hammonton Cancer Foundation and the South Jersey Cancer Fund. With him is Central Jersey employee William Adams. This was the fifth raffle the company has sponsored for the foundation and raised $10,850 to help cancer patients  in Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May counties pay medical and other expenses. The Ackerman family, Central Jersey Equipment owners, has donated $45,000 worth of equipment and raised more than $29,660 for the group.

South Jersey Cancer Fund Receives $5,000 Grant from Wawa Foundation

South Jersey Cancer Fund Receives $5,000 Grant from Wawa Foundation

Wawa Foundation awarded a $5,000 grant to the South Jersey Cancer Fund for providing direct assistance to cancer patients in Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland Counties. More specifically, the grant will help defray costs to cancer patients in need of financial help for prescriptions, medical supplies, food supplements, prostheses, transportation costs, respite care, special equipment, COBRA payments, and utilities.

“When insurance coverage is insufficient, costs of this type can be financially devastating to the patients as well as their families,” says Mary Crane, SJCF President. “Thanks to supporters like the Wawa Foundation, we have been able to provide aid to hundreds of cancer patients over the years. To this end, Wawa unites our common goal of making a difference in the lives of cancer patients who struggle with meeting their financial obligations right here in our own community.”

Anne Breyer, SJCF Treasurer, is thrilled to receive the $5,000 check from the Wawa Foundation. Says Anne, “We are gratified that Wawa believes in our work enough to give us this grant. Thank you for your trust in us.”

Hammonton Cancer Foundation Raises $25,000

Hammonton Cancer Foundation Raises $25,000

At their most recent fundraiser “Helping Our Neighbors” dinner, Hammonton Cancer Foundation raised $25,000 for the cause. Pictured is (left to right) Mary Gillespie, HCF member , Anne Breyer, SJCF Treasurer, Mary Crane, SJCF President, and Marie Fucetola (right) presenting $25,000 check to South Jersey Cancer Fund. 

Hammonton Cancer Foundation Receives $3,000 Grant from Atlantic City Electric

Hammonton Cancer Fund Receives $3,000 Grant from Atlantic City Electric

Mary Gillespie, member of Hammonton Cancer Foundation, applied for a $2,500 grant to Atlantic City Electric and much to her surprise, received a check for an additional $500!!

“Atlantic City Electric has been a strong supporter of our nonprofit organization for many years,” says Mary Gillespie, “And to receive this extra $500 bonus was just the icing on the cake.”


Mary Gillespie (left) is thrilled to receive the $3,000 check from Susan Coan, Region Vice President and Strategic Planning Manager of Atlantic City Electric, an Exelon Company.

Kayaks For South Jersey Cancer Fund

Kayaks For South Jersey Cancer Fund

Patricia Pettinati, local resident of Brigantine, wanted to donate two kayaks for South Jersey Cancer Fund as raffle items to help raise money. Joanne Duffy, another local resident, got wind of it and wanted to purchase Patricia’s kayaks outright and donate the money to South Jersey Cancer Fund. Patricia contacted SJCF on the change of plan. Of course, no problem from our end! But that was not the end of the story. In turn, Joanne Duffy gave the kayaks to a hardworking young couple who could not afford them but loved to kayak. A win-win for all. Thanks to Patricia Pettinati for the kayak donation and thinking of South Jersey Cancer Fund. Thanks to Joanne Duffy for writing a $200 check to South Jersey Cancer Fund for Patricia’s donation of two kayaks and thanks to Joanne Duffy for showing an act of kindness by giving the young couple, Josh and Diane Betty a huge surprise for their sporting pleasure.


Photos of Kayaks For South Jersey Cancer Fund